Reviving Clive

Clive Gibbons is a hunky man.
He’s finding Sheila fruity.
He wants to love her all the time
And revels in her beauty.

But Clive he is a CEO,
He works long hours you see,
Which takes it’s toll and interferes
With the body’s gravity.

Poor Clive felt sad and sought some help,
But wait, he went to Dipi!
And later, did we see him run
To Sheila rather nippy?

And passion on the patio
Was the order of the day.
It’s hot and steamy in the street
When Shive come out to play!

But what is this great mystery?
Did Dipi spike his tea
With something rather magical
To cause such change in he?

Did she dance for him in Harold’s,
In a costume so alluring
That lovely Clive did thus revive?
What was her way of curing?

We hope soon all will be explained
Before Shane gets to hear.
As, like all Erinsborough men,
He’d get the wrong idea!

Well, we should thank her for her skill,
However it was done.
Our favourite couple in the street
Can once more have some fun!

© Carol Ann Wood
August 2018


Make Sheila Feel Alive, Clive!

The latest poetic review of Erinsborough’s Ramsay Street

Oh Mr Clive Gibbons, the suave CEO,
Please go out with Sheila; she needs you, you know.
She’s made bad decisions with a few men she’s met,
But she has a kind heart and she’s feeling upset.

She knows you’re a good egg, so give her a chance.
She’s not had much fortune with men and romance.
You could be the modern day Harold and Madge!
And that is the mark of an honourable badge!

We need to keep Clive in the midst of the street,
And when Sheila’s in love she’s amusing and sweet.
She can get tips from Susan on blue box attire,
And set both your heart and the suburb on fire!

So come along Clive, be a perfect love-healer
And nestle in close to the bosom of Sheila!

© Carol Ann Wood
Thursday, 30 November 2017

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