Biker Girl’s Back

I’m fine now, I’m fine, yes, I’m perfectly well,
I’m back in the street and I’m sure you can tell
I’ve got a reaction from all those around.
They talk, and I’m keeping my ear to the ground.
Well Karl’s face went ashen when he saw me back
With my shiny new bike and my leathers of black.
And Paul was quite freaked and it’s no easy feat
To freak out the sneakiest man in the street.
I went to see Toadie, at least he seemed happy,
But Sonya looked wary and at first pretty snappy.
Who else can I freak by just being about?
They’re fretting and fussing at Steph getting out!
I’m fine now, I’m fine, all I want is a chance,
I promise I won’t get embroiled in romance.
I won’t snatch a baby, I won’t run folk over.
I’m real me again, and my old life is over.
I’m fine now, I’m fine, so don’t get in a tizz,
I’ll e-mail dear Libby and ask how she is,
I’ll bake cakes with Susan, I’ll babysit Nell,
No more misdemeanours and playing merry hell.
I’ll even do housework and go to play Bingo,
I’m sorry, real sorry what happened to Ringo.
Look, trust me, I’m fine now,
I’ve really calmed down.
The reformed Steph Scully, the quiet girl in town!

© Carol Ann Wood
October 2015

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