The Return Of Plain Jane Super Brain

It’s been years since the fun days of Scott and Charlene,
And their neighbour, Nell Mangel, the street’s strait-laced queen.
It’s been years since a young girl, all prim, shy and meek
Was taken aside and transformed, from a geek
Into a chic stunner, but now Jane is back.
And she’s snooping around like a self-sleuthing hack!

She’s peeking in cupboards, no longer her own.
She’s making some secretive calls on her phone.
She’s acting quite strange as this story unfurls.
But why has she now gone all ‘twinset and pearls’?
Gone is the glam girl with many a fan.
Oh Jane! We all think you’ve turned into your nan!

You need to go shopping with Dipi and co,
To get back the style that you had long ago.
We love your sweet ways and the way that you care,
But reclaim the girl, for we know she’s still there!
Enough watching serious news on the telly,
Get silly with Sonya; get plastered with Elly!

We know that your nan said to ‘Keep yourself nice’,
But you’ve gone a bit far in obeying her advice!
And what is this mystery searching all for?
A time capsule maybe, or a body in store?
We love that you’re back in our favourite place,
We’re ever so happy to see your sweet face.

We want you to stay and get storylines darker.
A love romp or two, and a spat with Sue Parker!
Come Jane, let your hair down, you’re in a cool ’hood,
And you can be sassy as well as being good!

© Carol Ann Wood
April 2018

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