Temperatures Raise With Terese

The latest in a series of regular poetic reviews of Erinsborough’s Ramsay Street

Terese, Terese, you saucy minx,
You’ve really changed your style.
You’re posing like a bad gal now
With a sultry, sensuous smile.
A star of social media, the face of the hotel.
With your assets on display,
You ‘nearly’ wore the dress so well!

As Courtney snapped, you got quite bold,
And loved the sexy pose.
A whole new role could soon be yours,
As a star of glamour shows!
With Sheila as the compare
And Gary as security,
It would ensure no seedy guests,
And thus maintain your purity.

But businessmen would get a treat
To see you pirouette,
And Lassiter’s would prosper
With the finest floor show yet!
Terese, Terese, tear off those suits,
And get those fishnets showing.
Get star awards as manager
And the men of Erisborough glowing!

© Carol Ann Wood
Week ending Friday, 10 November 2017

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