Ladybird Lover: Down And Dirty With Gary

Terese is a woman with many a need.
In business she’s well used to taking the lead.
She’s smart and she’s sassy, and she wanted some fun.
But who’d have thought Gary her frolicking one?
An unlikely couple, he’s rough at the edges,
And more used to odd jobs like trimming the hedges
Than getting it on with his boss on the sly,
But when they’re together, oh me and oh my!
The chemistry’s sizzling, Terese is a- glowing.
‘She’s working you too hard!’ cries Sheila,
Not knowing that what she has said
Is a literal truth.
But she’s bound to discover,
Cos Sheila’s a sleuth.
Terese feels so frisky she’s skipping around
And she’s whispered to Susan of the fun she has found.
She’s mentioned a ladybird – what could this mean?
An exciting position I think we might glean.
Well Gary is bubbling with fear and delight
Like a love-struck young schoolboy
On a school disco night,
And Paul’s quietly seething and plotting revenge,
His face hard and angry like a stone at Stonehenge.
Poor Gary had better look over his shoulder,
Cos a Robinson death stare can hit like a boulder.
Will Gary hang on to the bosom of love,
Or will he be ousted with a heavy-man shove?
I’m rooting for Gary, a Canning who can,
He’s tough stuff, Terese’s new ladybird man!

© Carol Ann Wood
October 2016

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