Lyneeeeeee Returns (Again)

Yet another poetic review of Erinsborough’s Ramsay Street

Oh Lyneee, dear Lyneee,
Emotional Lyn,
You’ve come to see Steffie
And poke your nose in.

You’ve snuck cash to Amy
Behind Steffie’s back.
She won’t take too kindly
To that kind of tack!

Last week we had fireworks,
This week there’ll be more
As you shake your wild hair
And tell others the score.

You always bring drama
Wherever you go,
When you flounce in and out,
All your feelings on show.

Will Paul rush to greet you
With a hug and a kiss?
Well somehow we doubt it –
But I will say this:

Whenever our Lyneee
Is back in the ’hood,
There’s always a crisis.
This doesn’t look good!

© Carol Ann Wood
Tuesday, 14 November 2017

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