The Neighbours Whodunnit

The latest in a series of regular poetic reviews of Erinsborough’s Ramsay Street

Was it Sheila with a gnome,
Or was it Gary with a blow?
Was it Tyler in a fit of rage?
The viewers need to know!
Was it nurse Louise, whodunnit,
Leaving Hamish there to drown,
Was it Mark who turned to Killer Cop?
Who might be going down?

Was it Kirsha with a firework
That was lit unwittingly?
Did a dog give Roache’s heart a scare?
It’s still a mystery.
Did someone from the party
Creep along to do the deed?
Suffocation by Terese’s chest?
That surely would succeed?

Who really murdered Hamish?
We’re all searching for the clues.
Was it Amy with a hammer
Or did Fay sneak in? You choose!
Was it Elly stumbling drunkenly
With bottle in her hand?
Or did Russell’s ghost come down to strike
When he heard what Roach had planned?

Now Paul is grinning ear to ear
As he bribes the hapless Gary.
He knows he’s got him in a fix
So he and T can’t marry.
The viewers are on tenterhooks,
With the who, what, when, where, how.
Don’t leave us all adrift, cast out,
We need some answers NOW!

© Carol Ann Wood
Week ending Friday, 10 November 2017

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5 thoughts on “The Neighbours Whodunnit”

  1. Haha Brilliant, I love it! Really wish I’d blogged mine about last year’s explosion now! I did one about Toadie and Sonya, but this one? Wow! Brilliant! Another level! Well done!


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