Beauty And The Priest

A tall, dark stranger blasted in,
And Paige was duly smitten.
She felt that fate had sent him,
And her future surely written.
But there was just one problem
From the stranger’s point of view.
‘I don’t know who I am!’ he cried.
‘Aw, there’ soothed Paige, ‘bless you.’
So Paige turned sleuth to find out who
‘John Doe’ had been before.
‘I know you’re good inside!’ Paige cooed,
‘And I’m what you’re looking for!’
But John sensed there was something
Telling him that this was wrong.
‘I don’t care who you were!’ cried Paige,
‘My love for you’s so strong!’
And John tried hard to waive his doubts,
As he gazed at Paige’s bod.
One half of him said ‘Go For It!’
And the other said ‘Oh God.’
Then one day John remembered Jack,
Who’s celibate and holy.
As Paige dreamed of a surfer guy,
Or, Hawthorn’s footy goalie.
‘I guessed that you were good!’ she wailed,
‘But not quite as good as this!’
And Jack was deep in torment
As he thought back to their kiss.
Now Sheila’s all a-dither
And quite flustered by this shock.
‘Oh Father! Half this street have sinned,’
She said, ‘They’re quite a flock!’
So, will Paige steal her man from God
And will she win his heart?
The Bible in her crop-top
As she sings ‘How Great Thou Art?’
And will she wear a rosary
But pray for lasting love?
It’s a Thorn Birds situation,
What a story! Lord Above!

© Carol Ann Wood
July 2016

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