Dipi’s Trail Of Destruction

Dipi’s on the warpath,
And we’re trembling in her wake.
Dipi love, step back in line,
Stay calm for goodness sake!

You’ve turned into a footy thug,
An overzealous mum.
Believe me, you must curb your rage,
Or no good will surely come.

You’ve now been told to stay at home
Whenever Yashvi plays,
You really need to heed her words,
Or she’ll end her footy days.

And who will come and buy your cakes
If you’re charged soon with assault?
You’ve no one else to blame for this,
Yes, it was all your fault!

So maybe go to yoga,
Do some quiet meditation,
Or very soon your own dear sis
Will haul you down the Station!

© Carol Ann Wood
April 2018

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