The Plot Thickens

The latest poetic review of Erinsborough’s Ramsay Street

It’s hotting up in Ramsay Street,
The mystery goes on.
Is Mark a cop now dark and bad?
Will his freedom soon be gone?

Or is the herring red and false,
Some twists and turns in store?
Destroying the evidence was dumb.
He’s heading for a fall.

Meanwhile young lovers reunite,
So in their joy we revel.
Are Ben and Xanthe taking things
To the infamous ‘next level’?

And Courtney had her painted claws
Quite deeply into Paul.
She planned the nuptials with a quiz,
So she could ‘win it all’.

But Paul, despite saying ‘Let’s elope,’
Got cold feet on the day.
And Courtney’s been left high and dry,
She’s begging ‘Let me stay.’

And what’s this now? A Christmas vow
Our Sonya’s quietly plotting?
She wants her Toad to know
He’s more than the dead plant he was potting.

One thing the viewers want to see
(Please, writers, pay attention)
Is something very special
So deserves a special mention.

Australia said YES! And so
Down to the lake we’re heading.
Please Aaron, David, tie the knot,
As we love a neighbours wedding!

© Carol Ann Wood
Tuesday, 28 November 2017

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